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Trademark searches

Making sure your trademarks remain unique

We support you throughout the entire lifetime of your trademarks with comprehensive searches using specific criteria of your choice. Protecting your assets now and in future.

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Worldwide trademark searches

Supporting a successful trademark application

It is essential to conduct a comprehensive trademark search prior to a new trademark application. Our experts search for identical and similar trademarks in relevant countries.

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How we search trademarks


  • Comprehensive search in all relevant registers
  • Searching for identical or near identical trademarks
  • Searching for similar trademarks
  • Searching for trademark or design applicants


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Monitoring for conflicting trademarks

Keeping your trademarks safe through regular watches

Trademark watches are essential to keep an eye on the environment of your trademark after it has been registered. The watch monitors whether third party applications may be in conflict with your trademark.

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How we monitor trademarks


  • Regular monitoring of all relevant trademark registers for similar or confusingly similar third party applications which may be in conflict with your trademarks or designs
  • Reliable identification of conflicting trademarks within the opposition period
  • Checking for identity, near identity and confusing similarity
  • Weekly reporting of results


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