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EP validations

National validation of European Patents

We are expert service providers for validating European patents (EP) in the states you designate. Our comprehensive service and specialist knowledge of the entire process significantly reduce your administrative burden and save you time and money.

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Ensuring the validity of your European Patents

Timely completion of all national validation requirements

Once the European Patent Office has decided that a patent may be granted, the version of the specification and claims intended for grant is communicated to the applicant by means of a communication under Rule 71(3). At this point, we can take care of all the following steps required until grant.

Once granted, we validate the European Patent in all designated states – taking care of an administratively complex and time-consuming process with different country-specific requirements. In order to obtain IP protection in a designated state, national validation requirements have to be fulfilled within three months following the grant and publication of the European Patent by the European Patent Office (EPO). PAVIS experts are familiar with all rules and regulations in the various countries and take care of all actions which may be required; including providing a domestic address for service, payment of fees and translation and filing of the specification and / or claims. We ensure that your patent is validated reliably, efficiently and in time in all designated states.

Our services

EP validations

  • Timely completion of all European and domestic validation requirements
  • Filing of all documents required for national EP validation
  • Reliable observation of all deadlines
  • Professional translation of patent specification and / or claims (as required)
  • Preparation of ready-to-sign documents
  • Timely payment of any official fees
  • Completion of any additional country-specific formalities
  • Forwarding official receipts and any other documents
  • Providing a national address for service and forwarding any official communications during the entire lifetime of the patent


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71 (3) stage

  • Checking bibliographic data
  • Taking over representation before the EPO
  • Translating and filing the claims in the other two official EPO languages
  • Paying the grant fee
  • Paying the publication fee
  • Paying any additional claims fee pursuant to rule 71 (4)
  • Paying the designation fee pursuant to rule 71a (3)
  • Handling of decision to grant pursuant to Art. 65

Key advantages - at a glance

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Reducing cost and the burden to monitor the validation process

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Significant reduction of administrative burden

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Interface with standard IP management systems

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Standardised procedures and full transparency

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Professional data management

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Central point of contact in Germany

Detailed steps

Take advantage of our expertise and comprehensive service for the national validation of your European patents. We ensure that all deadlines and national requirements are met und that your European patent is validated in all designated states in good time.

1 | Quotation for handling 71(3) stage

after the EPO has issued the 71(3) communication including the version intended for grant

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2 | Handling all steps for 71(3) stage

translation of claims and payment of fees

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3 | Quotation for handling EP validation

based on the EP application or publication number and the required designated states

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4 | Completing the validation

following confirmation of instructions and observing all national requirements

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5 | Observing all deadlines

for filing translations and powers of attorney up to our final validation confirmation

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6 | Collecting and forwarding all documents for safekeeping

such as official receipts, translations and any national patent numbers

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7 | Providing a national address for service

and forwarding any official communications during the entire lifetime of the patent

Maintaining your IP rights

Protecting your assets

To maintain your patent rights after a successful validation, we can also handle patent annuity payments in the required countries. For an EP validation, we would have imported all essential data into our PAVIS systems so that all annuity deadlines are immediately available without further input to ensure a timely renewal of your IP rights.


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All your data is secured according to the highest standards throughout the entire process.

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