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Recordals of IP rights

One stop shop for assignments and other legal changes

We take care of the legally effective recordal of changes to your IP rights and are always aware of all requirements at home and abroad. The time you save can be spent on your main responsibilities.

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Your IP rights in the right hands

Worldwide service for trademarks, patents and designs

The recordal of changes to IP rights is a complex and administratively highly demanding legal process. Types of documents required, fees and procedures vary from country to country. Following a change of proprietor, name changes, mergers, take-overs, liquidations, changes of address or other assignments, it is essential to observe all rules and regulations in order to guarantee continued legal validity of your rights. Patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments turn to our experts to coordinate the legally effective recordal of status changes of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks. Take advantage of outsourcing administrative tasks and a significant cost-reduction. We ensure that all changes are recorded in their entirety in a timely fashion – worldwide.

How Questel's expert team can help you

Fluss aus der Vogelperspektive symbolisiert Veränderung wie bei Umschreibungen von Schutzrechten
  • Reliable updating of all proprietor data
  • Worldwide coordination of recordal of assignments
  • Peace of mind from professional data management
  • Obtaining all required assignment documents, at home and abroad
  • Requesting registration or deletion of liens, securities and exclusive licences
  • Preparation of documents
  • Central point of contact
  • Utmost transparency in all transactions, procedures and fees
  • Forwarding official assignment confirmations

Step-by-step guide

Safeguard your assets by taking advantage of our vast experience and established procedures. We focus on both your IP rights and the differing international requirements and documentation. We take care of the legally effective recordal of changes to your IP rights in a timely fashion.

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1 | Data transfer

via data import / Excel

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2 | Formal check

using internal plausibility checks

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3 | Preparation and presentation of all required documents

either in a ready-to-sign format or incl. notarizations/legalizations

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4 | Handling the entire correspondence

and coordination between all offices, authorities and agents worldwide

5 | Requesting the recordal

at the relevant office

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6 | Forwarding official confirmations

for checking and safe-keeping

All your data is secured according to the highest standards throughout the entire process.