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df-mp - Change through digitization

Case study

Dörries Frank-Molnia & Pohlman (df-mp), a leading IP law firm, intends to reduce costs and increase competitiveness by digitizing essential workflows. By introducing an IP management system and outsourcing administrative processes to PAVIS, df-mp has achieved its ambitious goal.

Our client

Dörries Frank-Molnia & Pohlman

For almost twenty years, the IP law firm df-mp has been advising and representing clients in patent, utility, trademark and design law matters. Its clients benefit from the firm's broad spectrum of expert knowledge in many different fields, its high level of scientific expertise and its commitment.


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The challenge

Digitization and automation of manual processes

In this project, a comprehensive digitization of all workflows was the main focus for df-mp. By reducing manual input to a minimum, costs for clients were to be reduced and competitiveness in the market increased. The first step towards digitization was the introduction of an IP management system. df-mp decided in favor of Genese.

In order to carry out the renewal of IP rights cost-efficiently, the services of an external service provider was to be integrated into the selected IP management system in a second step.

The requirements for the external supplier included:

  • Reliable payment of patent annuities and trademark renewal fees
  • Measurable and sustainable reduction of administrative efforts
  • Reduction of paper-based processes and steps
  • Use of digital invoices and receipts
  • Automation of processes

The solution

Simplification of work through seamless interaction

Following a personal recommendation, df-mp became aware of the bidirectional interface PAVIS Connect, a leading technical solution in the IP industry. PAVIS Connect makes it possible to transfer and amend data as well as place payment orders relating to IP rights between Genese’s IP management system software Genese and PAVIS in a fully automated manner – saving df-mp valuable time in its daily work. PAVIS Connect is also available for IP management systems Anaqua, Eidologic, IP Now, Winpat and Patricia. The interface completely eliminates any manual exchange of data or emails. All work steps required for monitoring and renewing IP rights can be carried out directly from within the IP management system - the two systems interact like clockwork. During initial onboarding, all data coming from df-mp underwent an initial verification and plausibility check. Philipp Nordmeyer, partner at df-mp, confirmed that this step noticeably improved overall data quality.

Another important aspect in the selection of PAVIS as the payment service provider of choice was its history. Originally established as a cooperative of patent attorneys, PAVIS has earned the trust of the IP community as a premium reliable service provider with expert knowledge that is second to none.

Philipp Nordmeyer summarises the advantages that PAVIS Connect brings in daily work as follows:
  • No manual exchange of Excel / xml files
  • No sending back and forth of emails
  • Time savings through automated data transfer and order placement
  • Improvement of data quality through immediate, case-related processing, feedback and status checks in the IP management system
  • More scope for intervention through direct checking and system-driven feedback in case of ambiguities regarding IP right data
  • Increase in data protection standards through highly secure data transmission
Blick von Uhrwerke

"Running so smoothly that you don’t notice it’s there"

Teamwork delivers results

Whilst the interface achieved the desired reduction of administrative tasks, a good personal relationship between the df-mp and PAVIS team members laid the foundation of a fruitful cooperation. Right from the start there was an active exchange and PAVIS were able to give detailed advice tailored to specific df-mp requirements. Regular exchanges led to quick decision-making and a tailor-made integration of PAVIS services into df-mp systems.

Philipp Nordmeyer comments:

"The exchange of data and information is running so smoothly in the background that you don’t notice it’s there."

PAVIS GmbH could not wish for a better compliment about its contribution to this project.

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