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Always up to date

Our PAVIS Academy offers seminars and online seminars on a wide range of specialist topics all year round. Content is always up to date and is brought to you by experienced industry experts focusing on practical applicability.

Extensive information & further training opportunities

On specialist topics with a focus on IP rights & IP management

Our ambitious and diverse seminars focus on IP management and intellectual property rights, and are tailored to the needs of IP and legal professionals in private practice and industry. They open up the possibility of further training and continuous expansion of expert knowledge. The Academy also offers informative materials and events for career starters and career changers, as well as training courses for our online services.

Through our Academy, we aim to promote the transfer and open exchange of specialist knowledge between IP experts.

Online seminars

Expertly sharing knowledge online

You can access information about current and diverse topics concerning IP management via video conference. Personal exchanges and the practical knowledge of experienced speakers are central to our online seminars, just as they are to our physical events.

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