German pharmaceutical and laboratory supplier

Progress with a pioneering spirit

As a leading international player in the field of biopharmaceutical research and production, our client places great emphasis on efficiency at all levels – from research to production. Selecting a highly efficient IP service provider was therefore the obvious choice.

Our client

Global biotech player

Throughout its more than one hundred year history, this north German company has demonstrated a pioneering spirit and understanding of its customers' needs. Driven by the vision of giving more people access to better medicine, the pharmaceutical company rapidly translates scientific knowledge into efficient patient care through innovative tools and technologies.

Search for new IP service provider

To gain higher efficiency and transparency

For years, the company had been working with a service provider for IP renewals that could not significantly reduce its IP department’s workload. The search began for a new, more efficient partner to help reduce staff workloads as well as increase transparency.

One major criteria accelerated the search: The service provider’s system needed to handle all US IP rights data in order to ensure timely payment for these patents.

PAVIS was chosen because it was clear right from the first meeting that efficiency and transparency are very important to PAVIS. Coupled with competitive pricing, this was a winning proposition.

Easy transition


The cooperation started in October 2019.

PAVIS offers an interface to PatOrg, the client’s IP management system of choice, which makes transfer of data for new and amended IP rights easy and efficient. This reduces the administrative burden and increases security at the same time.

When PatOrg adopted the new and fully automatic interface PAVIS Connect in January 2021, the client benefited from synchronous collaboration, which further increased efficiency.

A culture of interactivity

Open exchange for best possible results

According to the company's IP manager, a routine process with PAVIS had been established within a very short time. The desired increase in efficiency is clearly noticeable.

Highlights after one year of cooperation are:

  • Very good and open communication between the companies
  • High transparency in all processes of the cooperation
  • Significant workload reduction
  • Established a culture of interactivity through efficient cooperation and creative solutions

The IP manager emphasises that the cooperation with PAVIS is characterised by an open and constructive exchange:

"It's not us who have to adapt to the service provider's processes, but PAVIS that responds to our processes."

EP Validations

Full-service provider for maximum efficiency

From the very beginning, the IP department decided to have PAVIS handle their EP validations as well, taking full advantage of a full-service IP provider:

  • Complete data integrity
  • Direct data transfer into the patent annuity monitoring system
  • Only one communication channel / no transfer risks
  • Significant reduction of administrative burden and complexities in the IP department

After a successful start, processes are being optimised continuously through further tailoring to the biotech company’s requirements.

The head of the IP department sums up the EP validation service at PAVIS as follows:

"The service runs smoothly and our department is very satisfied. PAVIS is fast, efficient and saves us costs. We are a really satisfied customer."

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