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IP is our passion

Our commitment and expertise have made us into a leading European IP support services provider operating worldwide. We continue to work on intelligent and reliable system solutions to simplify your work and free up your time.

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IP support services from experts for experts

PAVIS GmbH is a service provider in the field of intellectual property (IP management) operating worldwide. For more than 40 years we have been a reliable and competent partner for patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments with large IP portfolios.

Innovative technical solutions, well-established procedures and a high degree of automation have made us into one of the most efficient and reliable IP management service providers. We focus on patent annuity payments and trademark renewal. We also handle recordals of changes to patents, trademarks and designs.

We take pride in delivering superior quality and have set up internal quality guidelines which cover all company departments and processes and are checked at regular intervals.

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Our values

The foundation of our success

We build a relationship of trust with our clients and associates. We take pride in our work and have the expertise to always find the best solution for your specific requirements. In order to keep your IP rights safe on a worldwide basis, our team of experts has been working for many years with a select international network of agents and associates. Whether it is the timely payment of fees, recordals, or the continuous optimization of our systems and procedures: We always place great emphasis on the highest quality and transparency. At PAVIS, our work centres around two main objectives: to reduce your administrative burden so you can focus on your main responsibilities, and to ensure that your IP rights remain in force and secure.

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