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Proud of our past, focused on the future

From our beginnings we have constantly evolved, focusing on the development of our core expertise. Our experience and recognition of future requirements has made us into one of the leading IP service providers.

40 years of intellectual property experience

Building on the past to shape the future

PAVIS was established in 1980 as a cooperative of German patent attorneys. Its 34 founding members were united by a vision to support patent agencies in all essential administrative tasks through the employment of computer software. Emerging technologies helped us to succeed in developing a reminder and payment programme for IP fee payments, focusing on patent annuities.

In the following 40 years, PAVIS has steadily grown. Keeping an eye on client requirements and market innovations, we have continuously developed our software and systems as well as our service portfolio and the superior service provided by our team of PAVIS experts.

Today, PAVIS GmbH operates worldwide and is one of the leading European IP service providers. We focus on the payment of annuities for patents, utility models and designs as well as trademark renewals and recordal of IP right changes. Our main objective is to reduce the administrative burden of our clients, which include patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments with large IP portfolios.

In order to remain a reliable and competent business partner to our clients and associates for many years to come, we look to the future – by always focusing on developing and modernising our business model. In addition to our continuous simplification and automation of processes and the optimization of our expertise, we are exploring new directions. In a time of increasing globalization, securing innovations through IP rights will become even more important than before. As a result, the rise of digitization and internationalization already form the basis of our daily business activities.

PAVIS GmbH - 40 years of commitment to expert IP services.

Our key milestones

Icon 1980 - rot

PAVIS eG established

PAVIS eG is founded by patent attorneys as a payment, information and service organisation of patent attorneys in Germany

Icon 1988 - rot

Extension of service portfolio

Searches by patent classification profiles are made available to clients

Icon 1989 - rot

Extension of membership base

European patent attorneys can now become members of PAVIS eG as well as German patent attorneys

Icon 1990 - rot

PAVIS Europe SA established

Founded as a subsidiary in Strasbourg, France, PAVIS Europe SA handles payments for corporate clients

Icon 1995 - rot

First interface with an IP management system

Clients can send data electronically via the first interface directly from their IP management software to PAVIS

Icon 1996 - rot

Extension of service portfolio

PAVIS starts offering trademark renewals

Icon 2000 - rot

PAVIS Online goes live

PAVIS Online enables clients to administer their IP rights themselves even if they do not have an IP management system

Icon 2003 - rot

Move to new offices

PAVIS grows and moves into its current larger offices in Starnberg; in the following years additional space is added several times in the same building

Icon 2003 - rot

Extension of service portfolio

PAVIS starts offering recordals of assignments

Icon 2006 - rot

Payment services for corporate clients

PAVIS eG starts handling payments for corporate clients as well. As a result, PAVIS Europe SA is dissolved

Icon 2006 - rot

ip-pay goes live

ip-pay is developed as an online platform for immediate credit card payment of annuities

Icon 2014 - rot

Introduction of PAVIS Connect

The first intelligent XML interface is developed to facilitate the transfer of data between our clients’ IP management system and our PAVIS system

Icon 2014 - rot

PAVIS Online receives IT innovation award

PAVIS Online receives an IT innovation award from the association of medium-sized companies “Initiative Mittelstand”

Icon 2016 - rot

Paragon Partners invest in PAVIS

Munich-based private equity firm Paragon Partners acquires the entire operative business of PAVIS eG, with the aim of strengthening PAVIS‘ market position in the long term and moving into new growth areas

Icon 2018 - rot

Brand refresh

PAVIS gets ready for the future with a modern refreshed brand and new website

Icon 2018 - rot

PAVIS Payments GmbH is established

The Starnberg-based subsidiary is formed in order to bundle all IP payment services requiring future approval

PAVIS Payments GmbH is officially approved as a payment services provider

With the approval as a regulated payment services provider by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), PAVIS Payments GmbH has made all payments of fees for intellectual property rights since July 2020 in accordance with the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD II)

PAVIS is Questel company

The shared vision of Questel and PAVIS is to combine knowledge and technology so that clients can manage their intellectual property particularly efficiently through technology-enabled services. Through the merger, PAVIS offers the full range of IP services to clients worldwide.

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