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Status searches and watches

Keep your IP rights secure

Our experts can prepare a full legal status report for a patent, trademark or design and/or monitor and regularly report on any specific status changes you may be interested in. This keeps you up to date with any potential infringements of your patents, trademarks and designs.

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Search expertise you can rely on

Tailor-made to your specific requirements

It is good practice to monitor the legal status of potentially conflicting IP rights in order to safeguard the long-term success of a patent, trademark or design. Public databases often only provide unofficial and not fully reliable legal status data of IP rights. Our PAVIS search experts specialize in researching and verifying the current legal status of a specific IP right for you. If required, they will monitor particular status changes such as date of grant or start of an opposition period and send detailed reports at intervals of your choice. As a result, you can react quickly and effectively to changes or potential infringements.

How we conduct status searches and watches

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  • Reliable legal status search – as a one-off report or an ongoing watch with regular reports on status changes at intervals of your choice
  • Status search in all relevant registers and online databases
  • Immediate or regular reporting of all or specific status changes of the IP rights being monitored
  • Searching and monitoring of the status of all members of a patent family


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