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Patent and design searches

Worldwide service using specific search criteria

Patent agents, law firms and corporate IP departments need to stay well informed about the validity and potential conflicts of the IP rights they handle or own. Our search experts conduct different types of patent and design searches according to specific search criteria chosen by our clients.

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Retrospective patent searches

Comprehensive service delivered by our expert team

A retrospective search delivers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the validity of a patent or the patent situation of a specific subject matter. Whether you want to check the novelty of a new development, collect material for an opposition or invalidity proceedings, or gain an overview of the state of the art or existing technical solutions of a specific technology: A retrospective search enables you to make well-founded strategic decisions.

Our search team conducts comprehensive and reliable worldwide searches for patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments. We search and analyse patents and utility models quickly and efficiently and search by applicant, inventor, classifications or keywords in relevant patent databases, as required.

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How we conduct retrospective searches


  • Search conducted by specific criteria (country, applicant, inventor, patent classification, keyword), as required
  • Different types of search according to their intended purpose (novelty search, infringement search, family search, citation search)
  • Search in non-patent literature if appropriate and required

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Patent watches

Protection against infringements

Following a retrospective search, continuous monitoring helps you to keep an eye on competitors and become aware of future trends and critical IP rights at an early stage.

On behalf of patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments, our search team helps keeping IP rights secure by conducting watches by applicant/proprietor, classifications or key words as well as citations.

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How we monitor


  • Patent watches in Europe, US or Asia according to specific watch profiles
  • Monitoring the publications of competitors (by company name, proprietor, inventor)
  • Monitoring by subject matter (classification and keywords)
  • Monitoring new citations or publications which cite a relevant patent


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Design searches

Keeping your design rights safe

Before introducing a new design in the market, or filing a new design application, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive search to establish that no older design rights are infringed.

After successful introduction of a new design, you should keep an eye on relevant competitors and design trends. Our searches enable you to maintain a comprehensive overview of the legal status and legal environment of your design.

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How we search designs


  • Comprehensive status search (retrospective search) in all relevant databases
  • Searching internationally registered designs by applicant or subject matter
  • Searching Community designs by applicant or subject matter


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