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PAVIS Online

A powerful alternative to IP management systems

PAVIS Online is a comprehensive portal for patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments which do not use an IP management system. Your IP rights can be administrated easily and professionally using our powerful and user-friendly portal.

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Convenient self-service

For IP rights holders

PAVIS Online is a secure and user-friendly online portal for all patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments which do not employ an IP management system in-house. As a PAVIS customer, you can administer your own IP rights portfolio with PAVIS Online easily and free of charge. Numerous functions enable you to maintain your own IP portfolio or that of your clients in a professional manner: from executing and checking payment orders for IP renewal through to generating specific invoice and preview reports. With PAVIS Online you can give instructions for each transaction easily and securely. PAVIS regularly organizes training sessions and workshops so that you can optimize the way you use our system for your specific requirements.

Key advantages – at a glance

  • Electronic administration of your portfolio without expensive IP management software
  • Execute and check the status of payment orders
  • Request and download official receipts and confirmations
  • Create tailor-made IP rights reports
  • Preview reports for efficient cost control
  • Generate invoice reports
  • Create 5-year budget plans
  • Give access to your clients, create users and administer their rights
  • Highly flexible for tailoring the portal to your needs
  • Regular training, free of charge
  • Constant improvement and addition of new functions

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