Digital Transformation in IP

Whitepaper for IP professionals

The digital transformation is progressing rapdily and does not stop at the IP industry. In our whitepaper, authors Thomas Kimpfbeck and Elif Levin explain its potential and opportunities which can benefit your daily work, and how to make a successful start.


Digitalisation creates competitive advantages

How digital developments can help you manage your tasks

Digitalisation is on top of everyone’s agenda – a trend that is being driven by the Covid pandemic and forcing businesses to act on a scale never seen before. This includes the IP sector and, in particular, private IP firms. In this whitepaper, you will learn what advantages this disruption offers you, which steps you can take to remain competitive in the long term and how to get started. Patent attorney Thomas Kimpfbeck discusses the most relevant changes by way of examples and, together with Elif Levin, shows the benefits and possible applications of cloud-based IP management software.

This whitepaper forms the basis for two practice-oriented online seminars that will take place in early 2022.

These seminars are targeted to IP firms in private practice and corporate IP departments and offer a comprehensive introduction to the potential and opportunities which digitalisation brings. The more experienced participants who have been working digitally for a while can benefit from updates on current developments - with numerous examples and practical tips.

What’s in store for you

Comprehensive introduction to digitalisation in the IP sector

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New ways to organise your daily work efficiently

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Practical tips and examples from experienced patent attorneys

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For IP law firms and in-house IP departments

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Experienced author and lecturer with many years of practical expertise

Supplementary online seminars incl. workshops

About the authors

Thomas Kimpfbeck und Elif Levin

Thomas Kimpfbeck is a patent attorney at his firm in Freising near Munich and also works as in-house counsel for a large corporate. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and information technology from Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. In his daily work, his core areas of expertise are electrical engineering, (agricultural) mechanical engineering, telecommunications, measuring devices and battery electronics, electric vehicles, and charging station electronics. As a lecturer, he has taught patent law at the University of Strasbourg since 2014.

Elif Levin is the founder and CEO of a company that develops cloud-based software. She specialises in agile software development and design.

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