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PAVIS is the first payment service provider to link up with IP Now

New IP management software integrates PAVIS Connect

GSI launched its new IP management solution IP Now in 2019. This web-based platform focuses on ease of use and user-friendliness without compromising the functionalities of a superior IP management system for attorney firms and corporate IP departments. The system offers an integration of electronic files, automatic deadline control, document and form letter management as well as a chat function, notifications and tasks for improved workflows and collaboration.

The new system provides users with a full service including IP rights renewals. We worked very quickly with GSI to integrate our services into the new IP Now as early as possible. This makes PAVIS the first and only service provider to be integrated into the new system right from the start.

PAVIS integrates with IP Now via its automatic PAVIS Connect interface, which enables users to renew their IP rights directly from within IP Now without any manual steps. Customers receive immediate feedback as to whether all data is correct and complete. This additional level of security provides an even easier overview of the status of your intellectual property rights.

GSI and PAVIS look back on a long and successful business partnership, starting with an interface to GSI’s IP management system WiNPAT more than ten years ago. This was updated with a PAVIS Connect interface in 2018, providing an even more convenient and automated link between the two systems and offering our joint customers the best possible service to make the life of an IP professional in private practice and industry easier.

IP Now and the integration via PAVIS Connect is another milestone for GSI and PAVIS in their digital strategy and their successful path as technology leaders.

Any questions regarding PAVIS Connect and its link to IP Now? Our experts will be happy to discuss your particular requirements.

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