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Online patent archive for your own searches

Our patent information service RS3-e enables patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments to keep an eye on competitors and new developments. With the online portal you can conduct automated online searches and administer all documents easily and reliably.

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Tailored search, archiving and download of patent publications

For patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments

RS3-e is the innovative source of information for IP right owners. With our electronic patent archive you can monitor competitor activities and technical developments. The patent documents you retrieve can be managed and forwarded easily and quickly.

Key advantages – at a glance

Patent-Recherche mit rs3.e von PAVIS auf einem Laptop
PAVIS Patent Recherche Mann am Laptop
  • Regular information on the latest technical developments
  • Preselection of documents according to user-defined search criteria
  • User-defined search criteria according to subject matter (classification headings), competitors and keywords
  • Automated online searches in user-defined intervals
  • Archiving of retrieved documents
  • Direct downloading of patent publications


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